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    Why Millennial Mainframers Reconcile Today’s Digital Paradox

    March 26, 2019
    In my role as an observer of today’s tech-infused business world, I see a digital paradox: As vigorously as we glorify the quickening pace of technological invention, we wring our collective hands over the accelerating march toward technological obsolescence. It seems as though moments after celebrating advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices and cloud computing, we tech pundits feel compelled to obsess about their limitations and call for the next generation of innovation to replace them.
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    The Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions Establishes Academic Partnership with George Mason University

    January 24, 2019
    The Center for Technology Workforce Solutions (CTWS), a new think tank dedicated to both expanding and diversifying the technology workforce, has established an academic partnership with George Mason University to determine a working definition of employability skills, often referred to as soft skills. Under the collaboration, George Mason is offering an honors course titled "Honor 430: Multidisciplinary Challenges in Professional Environments." It will include three to five current George Mason Honors College students, each at least in their second year at Mason.
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    There Will be 1.8M Tech Jobs to Fill By 2024 — Here's Why Women Aren't Taking Them

    January 31, 2019
    Only 38 percent of women said they were encouraged to pursue a career in tech, and only 33 percent of women believe that tech workers look like them. Digging out of our employment hole and breaking down the barriers to a tech career can only be accomplished by demonstrating that any American, regardless of education, location, or skill level can succeed in a tech job. We can’t let a “man-made” hurdle like the Confidence Gap make us stumble.
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    The Tech Career Confidence Gap: Training Confident, Skilled, Diverse Technical Team

    December 12, 2018
    “The tech workforce is, for all practical purposes, right now fully employed,” says David Hyman, president of the Center for Tech Workforce Solutions (CTWS). “Everybody who is qualified to work in tech has a job. And yet, we have 800,000 jobs a year that go unfilled. That’s a tremendous number of opportunities for people to improve their lives, a tremendous number of places where businesses are falling short because they don’t have the skilled people in place.”
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    Does Tech Industry Look Like You? CompTIA Launches Think Tank in Quest to Diversify Tech Workforce, Create Career Paths

    October 24, 2018
    CompTIA today announced the launch of the Center for Tech Workforce Solutions (CTWS), a new think tank dedicated to both expanding and diversifying the technology workforce by helping every American understand that a tech career is available to them, regardless of background and educational level.
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    New CompTIA Think Tank Takes Aim at Tech Workforce Diversity

    October 25, 2018
    CompTIA just launched its Center for Tech Workforce Solutions (CTWS), the culmination of much effort to address the topic of diversity, careers and the technology workforce. The new think tank is tasked with expanding and diversifying the technology workforce by getting out the message that everyone should consider a career in technology, regardless of background and level of education.
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    New CompTIA Think Tank to Foster a ‘Tech Talent Revolution’

    October 25, 2018
    The tech workforce pipeline is more than a computer science degree and a job with a Silicon Valley tech giant. Getting high school students and their parents to understand this fact is part of the mission of a new think tank from industry advocate and certification-provider CompTIA. The Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions (CTWS) made its debut on October 24, and it will study and promote policies for training a new generation of tech workers.