Mission of CTWS Is Now Part of Creating IT Futures

Jun 13, 2019
Creating IT Futures

The mission of the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions is now part of Creating IT Futures' mission. We help populations that are under-represented in IT and individuals who lack opportunity prepare for, secure and succeed in technology careers.

Come visit Creating IT Futures online to see, hear and learn how our programs inspire lifelong tech learning from youth through adulthood:

  • IT-Ready offers education, training and job placement to qualifying unemployed and under-employed adults, who enjoy using technology, but lack formal job experience in technology fields. How? See stories about recent IT-Ready classes in Chicago and Phoenix on our Inspiring Success blog.
  • NextUp connects teenagers to the promise of technology today, building a generation of technologists for tomorrow through programs such as TechGirlz, which has been working to shrink the gender gap in technology professions for more than a decade, and our partnership with the Technology Student Association (TSA) that expands STEM opportunities, competitions and leadership development for high school teens across the country. How? Listen to recent episodes on our Technologist Talk podcast about TechGirlz and TSA.
  • And now, the mission championed by CTWS – build a diverse technology community, share inclusive hiring practices for the technology workforce and promote public policies of diversity and inclusion for the technology industry – becomes a part of our mission across our organization. How? Read the “Diversity in the High Tech Industry” study and “Guide to a Diverse Workforce for IT Businesses” from one of our collaborative groups, CompTIA’s research team.