The President’s Welcome Statement to the CTWS

Sep 5, 2018 BY David Hyman
David at a speaking event

As president of the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions (CTWS), I have the privilege to extend a very warm welcome to you. We are a new think tank that will strive to articulate certain universal truths – steps, methods, tools, policies, etc. – that are the hallmark of success when working to create a larger, more diverse, happier tech workforce. While think tanks are not quite a "dime a dozen," they have taken on a familiar caste – publish papers and influence policymakers. The message we hear loud and clear from stakeholders in the tech workforce space is, there needs to be a fresh approach – build community, define terms, and curate best practices.


Build Community

To build community, we must offer opportunities for constituent groups to come together, get to learn from and know one another, and build trusting relationships. We recognize that while it is highly likely that there are truths that reach across regions, genders, races, and backgrounds, it is just as likely that there are truths that hold only for a region, gender, race or background. It is equally important to know these. Consequently, we will convene groups around the country to discern different approaches and thoughts toward pipeline, diversity, and the nature of work in the future. Our publications and communications will reflect what we have learned from these gatherings.

Define Terms

In the tech workforce space, the perspective of a parent, a child, a transitioning worker, an HR professional, a business owner, or a corporate entity can have very different interpretations of seemingly objective inputs. We must all be using the same terms and the same metrics so that everyone is clear about what is being said or done. We need to find a universal language for our work and outcomes. At the very least, we must understand what others mean just as we want to be clearly understood.

Curate Best Practices

To be a trusted resource for others to find programs or techniques that work, we will look with a critical and impartial eye at what is being done now to determine best practices, and who is providing services that meet our goals. Our job is to work with stakeholders so that we can effectively curate programs and activities to assist organizations and individuals to navigate towards a viable, successful, and fulfilling future.

As a former carpenter and contractor, one of the lessons I learned early on was that the strongest shape is a triangle because each vertex is connected to one another. This triangle of work - build community, define terms, and curate best practices - will make a strong foundation for our ultimate goal: getting more people of all backgrounds into tech careers and prepared for a future economy that is tech-enabled. Our work starts now. I hope you may be able to be a part of it.

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David Hyman is the president of the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions (CTWS). He can be reached at