Four Ways Your Organization Can Address the Skills and Talent Gap

May 6, 2019 BY Yvette Steele

For many tech organizations, the battle for talent is all too real. Status quo hiring practices are antiquated and counterproductive when it comes to expanding the talent pool. Hiring software automates the mundane and helps zero in on finding your best candidate amongst those already in the pool and simply may not have been on your radar. Hiring top talent from competitors is a short-term fix especially as baby boomers exit the workforce. As a result, many employers have shifted from degree-based hiring to competency-based hiring as they place more value on skill sets and less on a four year degree. These practices may prove helpful for now but they do not address the problem at its core–there’s a skills and talent shortage in tech! This isn’t about doom and gloom–but a call to action that improves business outcomes, changes lives and impacts economic growth in communities across the country.

Tech organizations are in the best position to help identify the skills that will be in demand in five, 10 and 15 years down the road. Finding and cultivating new talent to bring into the workforce is not as hard as you would think.  With proper planning and appropriate investments, the business community can help ensure that qualified workers enter the workforce and help the economy flourish.  A few recommendations to consider include:

  1. Partner with organizations that teach technical skills i.e. I.C. Stars, CompTIA’s IT- Ready, ChicTech or Girls Who Code
  2. Offer internships and apprenticeships to cultivate talent and build loyalty with your organization
  3. Grow entry -level IT talent from within
  4. Work with state and local government to reinstitute vocational tech training in schools
    1. Provide funding for necessary resources

Finally, partner with organizations like the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions (CTWS) whose mission is to is to study the intersection of technology and the workforce, and leverage those insights to produce data-driven, smart policies and methodologies to ensure a productive, viable, and equitable 21st century workforce.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Please comment here to this post with best practices and ideas that address the skill and talent gap.

Yvette Steele is the Director of Member Communities at CompTIA