women-it-jobs45Many companies are releasing annual diversity reports. According to CompTIA’s Cyberstates report, women held 25.5% of technology workers in 2017. 

The occupations with the highest representation of women are database administrators (37%), computer systems analysts (36%), web developers (32%) and CIO and other managerial positions (29%). The ethnicity breakdown of IT occupations consists of 78% white and 22% non-white workers. The occupations with the highest minority representation are computer hardware engineers (40%) and software developers (30%).

Despite efforts from industry to recognize shortcomings in diversity, transparency has not translated into equity. The Center will examine how employers, and particularly management, are approaching this issue, including which methods of inclusion are working and which are not. The Center will also focus much earlier in the tech talent pipeline. How do we convey to young women and people of color that a tech career is a promising pathway for their future, particularly in light of the problems they are likely to face with inclusion and retention? Do programs like Early College STEM Schools offer promise in terms of introducing IT to all students at an earlier age? Can apprenticeships and mentorship programs play a role in unlocking diversity in the tech workplace? When employers recruit, are they being inclusive of various educational pathways and academic attainment? Is IT employment falling prey to the bias of a known, and limiting, network?

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