The CompTIA family brings a rich background to the discussion of the tech workforce. CompTIA is a leading global provider of vendor-neutral IT workforce certifications, with nearly 2.7 million IT workforce certifications held worldwide. CompTIA’s focus on certifying the workforce has naturally led to the launch of several philanthropic efforts through the Creating IT Futures organization (CITF). it-workforce

CITF creates onramps for more people to prepare for, secure, and succeed in IT careers. In particular, CITF encourages an IT path for populations that traditionally have been under-represented in the information technology workforce, such as women and minorities. Also, through grant work with organizations like the Chicago Workforce Funder Alliance, CITF has created models for work-based learning and employer engagement with underrepresented populations in IT. 

Finally, CompTIA’s best-in class research department routinely publishes quantitative and qualitative data on technology, the tech workforce, and its impact on our economy. These rich services and resources provide a deep bench of information and experience to draw from. 

If CITF is the test bed for solutions, and the CompTIA experience in certifications is a body from which to draw outcomes measured and augmented by research, then the launch of CTWS is the next step to develop thought leadership toward impacting and scaling up solutions through analysis and policy. 

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