About Us

The Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions (CTWS) is a new think tank that will articulate certain universal truths – steps, methods, tools, policies, etc. – that are the hallmark of success when working to create a larger, more diverse, happier tech workforce. 

The Center’s mission is to study the intersection of technology and the workforce, and leverage those insights to produce data-driven, smart policies and methodologies to ensure a productive, viable, and equitable 21st century workforce.

Our Focus


The Center will examine how we can encourage a tech talent revolution in order to meet the demands of our rapidly changing economy and businesses. Learn More. 


To achieve greater equity in the tech workforce, we must recognize the challenges and  deficiencies the tech industry faces with respect to diversity. Learn More.



Soon, almost every career will be a tech career. There must be programs and policies in place that enable citizens who may have sought traditional blue-collar jobs to gain an affinity and desire for the newest of IT careers and pathways. Learn More. 




The Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD) was founded in 1982 to serve IT vendors and their partners. In 1990, ABCD changed its name to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) to reflect the expanded scope of its activities. Now CompTIA has launched the Center for Technology & Workforce Solutions to be a thought leader in the technology field. Learn More.

Join Us
How do we retain and bring more people into tech and tech related careers, and do so with equity? How do we prepare our society for the jobs of the future? These are some of the tough questions we will explore at the Center. Our aim is to achieve practical, real world solutions. How can we help you achieve a brighter future in tech? Contact us here with your questions or comments. We look forward to working together!